Marc Makely, CEO at Sequel

Marc Makely

Chief Executive Officer

Marc has been a forward-thinking leader in the construction, utility location & inspection, and tech industries since 1991. He began his career as an underground utility locator at OTS and Byers Engineering Company, before becoming a Project Manager and Inspector at Asplundh. As part of a small group that later left Asplundh, Marc assisted with the start-up of Hawkeye Construction.

In 2003 Marc founded Premier Utility Services, a subsidiary of Hawkeye, where he served as President, facilitating the growth of more than 1,200 new hires and the expansion of services into 24 states. Premier was sold to Leonard Green Partners in 2015; which was Premier’s third and final sale under his leadership. Marc’s ability to recognize that emerging technologies could maximize efficiency and deliver significant cost cutting in the utility space became the inspiration for his next endeavor.

Marc, along with Chris Bartlett, launched Sequel in the spring of 2017 with the goal of updating and replacing outdated workflows with dynamic digital platforms.

Chris Bartlett, CTO at Sequel

Chris Bartlett

Chief Technology Officer

Beginning in 1995 Chris began building a reputation as a skilled information technology manager and executive at multiple Manhattan firms, including Torys, Hahn & Hessen, Solow Realty Company, ICON Capital and others.

In 2014, Marc hired Chris at Premier Utility Services where he quickly broke out of a traditional IT role. During his time at Premier, Chris introduced advanced technologies that would bring superior quality and maximized reliability to their operations, in particular when it came to the challenges of oversight and the precision needed to protect infrastructure.

The opportunity to co-found Sequel with Marc provides Chris the platform to continue innovating cost-effective field data collection and reporting solutions.

Careers at Sequel

We are always looking for people who aspire to think outside the box, value quality work, enjoy solving problems and love providing quality service. If you are a dedicated, hard-working individual who loves to challenge status quo, then you should consider a career at Sequel.

What we’ve been up to.

11 Dec: Careers at Sequel – Senior Developer
The Sequel Group provides data analytics and visualization tools to drive value in collected data providing true location and situational intelligence. Remote sensing, AI and Computer Vision are leading the way and changing how organizations are protecting their assets and human resources.
11 Nov: Careers at Sequel – Data Engineer
Our team has recently developed asset management and data collection solutions for our clients. The next phase of development will focus on building machine learning based products (e.g. forecasting tools, prediction models, and automatic anomaly detection) by leveraging the existing data platform.